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Specializing in reuniting loved ones.

Cleanses negative energy from your life.


I am a Fifth generation spiritualist that practices Chakra balancing, Palm, Aura, Tarot, and Crystal readings. I focus on aura cleansing and removing negative energy, which restores quality in your life. I specialize in reuniting soulmates and can advise on love and career.

Psychic Old Town Chakra Boutique will give you the knowledge that you are lacking to know where your life is going and the strength to go into the future prepared with what life has to offer you. She will explain what the tarot cards are showing so you will have a choice to follow the future or change it as you go. A tarot card reading will show you what to expect. A tarot card reading done by a professional psychic and tarot card reader is the most accurate reading you can have. She will tell you your past present and future and will answer all your questions.

We Offer…

From tarot card readings to spiritual healing, Psychic Old Town Chakra Boutique has what you need to help restore quality to your life with a specialty in reuniting soulmates and can advise on love and careers.


Lida is filled with knowledge! She has such good insight and often offers specials. Great energy and good vibes. She truly cares about helping people heal. The crystal singing bowls are fascinating. Located within walking distance of old town. Walk-ins are welcome but call for an appointment! – Claire R.


Lida is awesome. She is grounded, real, and to the point. She doesn’t sugar coat when she sees an opportunity to better yourself, your energy, or your aura. You can tell Lida is knowledgeable with her gift and uses it for good. I recommend all those with an open mind and heart to check it out! – Brittany M.


Randomly walked in and the woman gave me a reading.  Great experience and highly recommend. РGrace D.

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